rock band from Austin, Texas, Established in 2013, Naga Brujo began with loud licks and rockin' hits playing in dive bars/venues around town. An eclectic combination of interests unify to create a unique sound littered with influence from Rock 'n' Roll, Acid Jams, Funk, R&B, Soul, a little Twang and much more, Naga Brujo holds a sound for everyone. With all original content and lyrical anecdotes filled with raw emotion and true human experience, a genuine performance is destined to be encountered. Currently, Naga Brujo is working on recording their second album to deliver the roller coaster of a jam straight to your ears! Much appreciation goes to all who are in support and enjoy what we do. For there would truly be no development without the aid of the strong banded Austin Music Community and all we do to help one another spread the arts. For more information on upcoming events, check out the HOME page. To contact for booking, please use CONTACT page, Facebook , and Gmail.  

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Ryan Woessner


Asia Reign 


Jacob Lyons

Bass Guitar

Jake Mumps