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debut self-titled album - available everywhere

Bru'd in Austin, Texas, since 2013, Naga Brujo has commanded the stage with unfiltered grit and raw power influenced by Punk and Heavy Rock-and-Roll. Fresh off their latest EP, Canceled, the four-piece is geared up for a slew of gigs, live radio performances, unofficial SXSW events, and music video production, all before reentering the studio for the next release in early Summer 2023. 


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“Naga Brujo has no problem grabbing
the listener's undivided attention with
their fierce instrumentals and engaging performance stylings.” – Buzz Music

“Unpredictable, moody, and primal, the Austin-based four piece femme and queer charged punk rock and roll band brings the nasty underground punk rock live experience right into your speakers and ears.” – Punk Head

Canceled EP -
Out Now!
“Boasting an anthemic blend of punk, garage, indie, and straight-up rock n roll, the band really shines here by delivering an impressive display of songwriting and musicianship.” – Havoc Underground
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